"The pure lines are deviding the space of imagination."

Make that you have need two lines to make up a composition; as the well know quote of Enistein: if logic brings you from point A to B, imagination bring you everywhere. From here I start to think, not only of astro-fysics, but in the skills of drawing. So first I thought in two lines: the horizon of the eye-lenght and the lines that goes with the flight-point. These motives, I use a totaly different view; or in artistic perspective; to inspire the curiosity within the pure line.
Space builds up an amazing spectrum all dimensions in science.
Imagination translates the filosofy of the quote of Einstein, again in an endless combination between pure ines and space.


"The depth of the authenticity makes balance of the daily art"

Depth is as sculpting, a space to sculpture (2end dimension), with drawing by the line, you'll get the feeling that the 3rd dimension is at you're feets.
Balance is a priority within the technical skills, that brings the transcentental fase in to the daily art form in balance. The load of information ( compared to the computing age) lies on an opposite working; the more lines how more the drawing lightens-up. So science on papermakes the myth brighter: the revolution of science is endless f it improves the imagination.
Daily is everywhere you look, you get the impression that everything on a base scale, devellops on to a natural way. (drawing)


"Simplicity is the pure line of imagination with th depth that brings everything in balance in all odd of arts"